Our Company

Seven Arm was established in 1990 in BURSA, the old capital of Anatolia which throughout history has been famous for its silks. This is due to BURSA being a pivotal stop in Anatolia on the SILK ROAD, which has been the most important trade route in history. The SILK ROAD started over 1,500 years ago from the city of XIAN, CHINA, and passed through Anatolia and the Mediterranean Sea to ITALY in Europe. The route got this name because the caravans which traveled it mostly transported silk and silk raw materials.


With this historical legacy in mind, SEVEN ARM NEW YORK has been established on 7 principles: QUALITY, TRADITION, EXPERIENCE, TEAM, FASHION, RESPECT, and PASSION...


Out of a desire to produce only the finest of accessories, we use the silks of specially grown silk cocoons fed with mulberry leaves. While we use all kinds of modern technologies during the production phase, we use traditional and authentic handmade techniques and weaving units called BLACK LOOMS, especially in our 7 folded ties.


We create wonderful pieces by combining these quality silks with our nearly 50 years of experience. At SEVEN ARM NEW YORK, we believe in team success, not individual success. That's why we and our team are like a family. The SEVEN ARM NEW YORK family always follows new trends and makes fashion designs in cooperation with the artistic designers in our New York office.


We value respect above all else. This is reflected in the way we interact with other Seven Arm team members and towards you, our valued customers.


We are passionate about our work because we know that one of a man's greatest passions is in his accessories, and first among his accessories; in his ties. Because of that, we believe that from now on, your passion will be 100% handmade 7 folded silk ties.



your passion…